You've arrived at the
place where web sites are hand-coded,
discarded cigar boxes become beautiful instruments, ink gives meaning to simple t-shirts, and humble pixels become effective design.

Welcome to Atom 11

So, what exactly is Atom 11?

It smells like photo emulsion, ink, mineral spirits and freshly cut wood. It sounds like pencil against paper, whirring power tools, tapping keyboards, and often 80's college rock. It looks like an amalgam of one part Mad Men, two parts Sanford and Son. It's our home, and Atom 11 headquarters.

There's quite a bit going on around here. Allow us to give you a quick tour.

Atom Eleven Digital Atom 11 Digital is our web development division. You won't find any cookie cutter templates here. Our sites are hand coded to load quickly, give users a great experience, and play well with search engines.

Atom 11 Studios Atom 11 Studios is home to the things we make. While our mid-century style wooden ball clock is probably the most popular item, we also take great joy in the random projects - a console for a 54 pickup, hand painted restoration of a 16 foot wide Coca-Cola sign, the occasional piece of furniture - In short, makers gonna make.

Atom 11 Printshop The Printshop is, well, our print shop. We run on an old-school, 4-color screen press and pull all of our shirts by hand. We can create shirts for your business or event, with your design or ours. We also have a few designs of our own for sale.

Carltone Ukuleles Carltone Ukuleles is home to our handmade cigar box instruments. Here you'll find ukes in every scale - soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone - as well as basses. You'll also find a link to our youtube channel so you can hear their beautiful tones for yourself.

Atom Eleven Lounge Atom Eleven Lounge is where we blow off steam. Music, classic video games, food and beer are frequent topics of discussion here. If you enjoy lively debates about these things, join us in the lounge.

We like to think of Atom 11 as a rennaisance business. We're into a lot of different things, and have gained a variety of skills along the way. Please let us know if we can put those skills to work for you. With a little luck, we'll be able to tip the aforementioned ratio to two parts Mad Men and just one part Sanford and Son.

Use that form to talk to us.

Or, if you're old-school, click here.




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