General Patterson


Album art. Oh, how magical it seemed when I was young!

Whenever I bought new music I couldn't wait to disappear into my bedroom, open the package, and unfold the insert to see what secrets it held. I loved having a visual connection to the music.

Today, album art is a bit different. Instead of tucking messages within the folds and flaps of physical media, designers need to tell the story in one panel with just a couple thousand pixels. I am grateful that General Patterson gave me the chance to do so for his fantastic new release, Native American. He set me up with a sneak preview of the songs (nice perk!) and one simple request - include a buffalo.

Being from the Pacific Northwest, I grew up around wonderful examples of Coast Salish art. It's always influenced my work, but this is the first project where it made sense to pay homage to it in a direct way. I'm incredibly pleased with the results! This project is exactly the sort of thing that made me want to become a designer in the first place.

Native American can be found through several sources including CD Baby, Spotify, or Google Play Music.

General Patterson
General Patterson
General Patterson

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