Can't find the
charm and originality that you're
looking for at your local big box store?
Yeah, neither could we.

That's how Atom 11 Studios came about.

Atom 11 Studios

We wanted a mid-century modern style clock for our living room. The ones we liked, we couldn't afford. The ones we could afford, we didn't like. So we set out to build our own. After a bit of trial and error, we developed a George Nelson-inspired design that works well, looks great, and can be customized to your specifications. It's become the most popular item in our shop.

The sawdust didn't stop flying there, though. Since then we've taken on all sorts of commissioned projects. A dining table, a center console for a 54 pickup, various pieces of furniture. We even restored a 16-foot wide hand painted Coca-Cola sign back to its former glory.

Scroll down to see what's currently available in the store and read about some of our projects. Use the form at the bottom to let us know what we can make for you.

Brand Spanking New!

Didn't see your perfect clock in the store? Click the big button below to design your own using our exclusive Custom Clock Designer. Warning: It's kind of addictive.

The Store

We are currently sold out. Cool problem to have, huh? We will get back to building awesome new stuff when our move is complete. Check back soon!

What's Going On?

1963 Zenith KPS 80-L Restoration

1963 Zenith KPS 80-L "portable" record player that we recently refurbished at Atom 11 Studios.

2018 Bob Dylan Jam

The annual Bob Dylan Birthday Jam is near and dear to our hearts here at Atom 11.

General Patterson

Album art. Oh, how magical it seemed when I was young!

The Last Waltz

A quickie we designed for the upcoming "Last Waltz" show at Enoch's.

Rest In Peace 2017

We whipped this up for the annual R.I.P. event at Enoch's.

Coca-Cola Sign

Restore an old Coca-Cola sign, you say? Would love to! It's on 100-year-old corrugated metal, you say?

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