2018 Bob Dylan Jam


The annual Bob Dylan Birthday Jam is near and dear to our hearts here at Atom 11.

Over the last eight years we've watched it grow from a humble jam session to a full-scale production featuring some of the best performers in the area. It is our honor to play a few songs with these fine people each year, as well as design the swag for the show.

This year's design takes it's inspiration from Piet Mondrian. My initial sketch looked a little more like Bob Ross than Bob Dylan, but I knew I was on to something. Eventually it started to take shape and we ended up with a bold, memorable design. I'm not even going to pretend to be humble. I am proud of this one!

The show takes place at the one and only Enoch's Irish Pub. I couldn't imagine it happening anywhere else. The $10 cover gets you approximately six hours of music from over 60 fantastic musicians, all performing on a volunteer basis because that's how much fun this show is. The house band, affectionately known as The Superhuman Crew, is always stellar.

The music kicks off at 6:30pm and will continue 'til they kick us out. Come early for a good seat, and don't forget to bring a little extra cash for t-shirts and posters. We'll see you there!

Full disclosure: The show is hosted by Jamie's cousin, the talented and tenacious Josh Madden. But never mind the nepotism, just come enjoy the show!

2018 Bob Dylan Jam
2018 Bob Dylan Jam
2018 Bob Dylan Jam
2018 Bob Dylan Jam
2018 Bob Dylan Jam

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